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I swear, this site cracks me up. Here’s an example.


New shoes that are ill. See example below

Sam: Obviously you are oblivious to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these “kicks.”

Bob: That is correct, my hip gangster from Harvard. “You are off the chain”,  so to speak. Those are the “tightest kicks I have ever seen.” For shezzy My Neezy.

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Today I was on the phone with Mason on the way home. In the middle of our conversation the phones cut out. I called him back and got the voicemail, so I left a message. Here’s what went through my head after that.

That’s odd. I guess he accidentally hung up? He’ll call back in a second. He was leaving school, wasn’t he though? I wonder if he was walking outside when he was talking to me. Or if he was driving. What if a student attacked him and that’s why the phone went dead? Or what if he was driving and wasn’t paying attention because he was talking to me and got in a wreck and that’s why the phone went out?! If it was a student I will take them out vigilante-style! OH MY GOD WHAT IF MY HUSBAND’S DEAD AND I HAVE TO RAISE OUR CHILD ALONE???!!!

Then the phone rang. All was well. I don’t know how he puts up with me.

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I like Mike

Huckabee, that is — the Arkansas governor who is running for president as a dark horse. And so does Newsweek. He’s my favorite in the race for the Republican nomination, even though he only has a tiny shot at getting it. This article does a good job explaining why he’s the man for the job.

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I can prevent things like this:


Let’s see how long it stays up like that.

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Mason lost a bet


 But we all know LSU losing was a fluke. See you at the BCS championship.

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Amorous Currency

The above is an unfortunate baby girl’s name I stumbled across yesterday. The mother knows it’s unusual, but “likes the meaning behind it.” I can’t imagine what she thinks it means. All I can come up with is “lusty money.” Or “destined to be a stripper.”

The person who sent me this info, knowing my disdain for people who think their children are outlets for their “creativity,” also sent this quote from another mom-to-be (all capitalization, spelling, text-talk intact):

“i am considering (name w/ nickname) MycElliot (ellie) MycKaiylah (kaylee) MycKenzeigh (Mackey) Nevayah (this is a better spelling) (Nevvy) McAshlynne (ashie) and since i luv 2 ski: Skeeyr (Skee) Mogyl (Momo) Polima (Poley) and also my fave: MacAydyn (Caydey) wdyt???”

Oh my fricking Lord. I know I have pretty boring taste in names. But what’s up with all the y’s? And the “Mc”s? And Skeeyr, Mogyl, and Polima?? I don’t even know what to say about that. While I still stand up for everyone’s right to name their children as they wish, I still believe some people should be ashamed of themselves for saddling their kids with this crap.

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Crocs are fug


Really? This is so gross.

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