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I love Christmas. I usually have to contain myself until Thanksgiving is over, and then I rush out and buy a tree as soon as possible to start the season off right. This year is going to be better than ever, though, because tomorrow I am dragging Mason to a Christmas tree farm so we can cut down our own!

If I remember to bring the camera, I’ll post pictures.

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What is a taco?

Mason and I were at Curra’s a few nights ago and these three people sat down next to us. We heard the girl ask the two guys, and I am not making this up, “Ok, explain to me again, what’s a taco?”

So they explain to her what a soft taco is vs. a hard taco, etc.

We were in shock b/c she wasn’t joking, but had to pretend we didn’t hear her. When she ordered her food she explained to the waiter how she was from New York and they don’t have much Mexican food up there.

So I get that, but I didn’t think you could get 10 feet inside the Texas border without figuring out what a taco was. Even if you don’t have much Mexican food around you, don’t you have fast-food Mexican like Taco Bell? I am still baffled at the idea of an American adult who doesn’t know what a taco is.

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13 Weeks Today

I’m back from the holiday hiatus. Everyone always asks me how big the baby is and I usually give them a comparison provided to me by BabyCenter. So I think I’ll start putting the comparison object on the blog every week when I get it.

This week, I’m carrying a medium shrimp!

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Best. Video. Ever.

I posted earlier about my love for Mike Huckabee, the Arkansas governor who’s running for president. He teamed up with Chuck Norris to do a campaign video and it’s greatness. He should get the Republican nomination just for this.

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Could it be?

I thought I was getting away lucky. I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, and when I was still feeling fine at 7 weeks I thought I might be one of those lucky women who breeze through their first trimester with nary a food aversion.

Oh, how wrong I was. “Morning” sickness hit around 8 weeks and since then I’ve been living off of saltines and anything else I can keep down, which includes bread, bananas on occasion, and a few other random things. Poor Mason has had to deal with the nights when I want only mac and cheese for dinner, or plain pasta. Y’all know that for me, this is crazy, as I plan my meals a week out and like all kinds of food. The blandness sucks, but what can you do?

Anyway, for the past two days I’ve felt, dare I say it, pretty good! Yesterday at lunch I ate tacos and felt full for the first time in several weeks. It was glorious! This morning was the first morning in a long time that I haven’t felt the urge to stuff my face with saltines to fend off the nausea.

So yay! It could be over! I’m almost 12 weeks, so it’s about that time. This makes me happy beyond belief.

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Man dies after jumping into woman’s car at Round Rock pharmacy

An Austin man died after an incident in a Walgreens parking lot on Louis Henna Boulevard in Round Rock, though police don’t know what killed him.

Round Rock police say they received a call at 9:41 a.m. Thursday about a disturbance at the drug store. Officers said they found a man wedged underneath the rear of a vehicle, though he had no apparent injuries.

Kenneth Ray Jackson, 29, of Austin, died at Round Rock Medical Center.

Police say witnesses saw Jackson acting erratically before he jumped into the front seat of a woman’s car as she was preparing to leave the parking lot. The woman jumped out of the car, police say, and the man crawled under the car, where police found him.

The woman told police that Jackson did not display a weapon or threaten her.

Police say that emergency room doctors confirmed that he was not run over by the vehicle. Police are awaiting the results of an autopsy.

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Today we had our first look at the baby — it was dancing around in front of the camera like a good baby, wiggling its arms. Enjoy!



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Strange baby outfit

Check out this baby. Not only does he remind me of Richard Kind, but he is wearing a wife-beater. I’ve never seen anyone under 15 wearing a wife-beater. He looks like he wants to throw back a few cold ones in his trailer once he gets done with the photo shoot.


UPDATE: My brother hit the nail on the head. He looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

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Time change sucks

I forgot how freakin’ depressing the end of daylight saving time is. Not only does it get dark earlier, but you literally spend all your daylight hours in your car commuting to or from work, or actually at work, and when you get home, it’s just as the last light is fading from the sky. Geez. I get why people get that seasonal affective disorder now.

Anyway, to brighten up a rather dreary post, I give you one of my favorite cheering-up sites.

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Stella McCartney’s new jewelry line will feature a necklace with a single leg charm. Take that, Heather!

I love me some celebrity cattiness.

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