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This week, I’m carrying a turnip!

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I’m so proud

Apparently people are getting to my blog by searching for: “hosebeast”, “serial comma placement”, and “pregnant psycho.” I’ve finally made it to Google! Good times.

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This week, I’m carrying an avocado!

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Pimp C and Me

I don’t know how many of you are into rap, but if you are, you might have heard that recently Chad “Pimp C” Butler died. Now, my knowledge of rap is minimal at best, but I discovered by way of my brother, who is quite upset over the death, that Pimp C was from Port Arthur, where I too am from.

Anyway, his funeral was held today in Port Arthur at the 4,000-seat civic center, which was filled to capacity with fans and “entertainment friends” (this description courtesy of the Port Arthur News) like Beyonce, Jay Z and Snoop Dogg. This was quite the news back home, as you can imagine, and most of the PA News home page was devoted to stories about it.

So, Port Arthur has become, over the years, quite ghetto. This was yet again confirmed when I read, again in the PA News, that  “two Port Arthur Police Department sharpshooters were visible on the roof of the Port Arthur Public Library, near the civic center.” The paper was also compelled to remind readers that “firearms are prohibited in all city facilities even if the bearer has a permit to carry a firearm” and “appropriate funeral attire will be required.”

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This week, I’m carrying an apple!

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Huckabee Rising

Mike Huckabee is now in second place NATIONALLY (of the Republican candidates) after Giuliani! Keep it up, Mike!

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Why I love Austin

Yesterday my cousin called me because my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, was playing on the big screen at the Paramount! I was a little dismayed at first because when she called, it was about 75 degrees outside, and no one wants to watch a Christmas move in shorts. However, God smiled upon us and sent a cold front, so by the time the movie started it was in the 40s.

I know it’s the cheesiest movie ever, but I love it, and I’m glad to live somewhere where other people who love it can gather together in an old theater and sing along with all the corny songs. Good times.

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Why I love my marriage

Last night Mason and I went to Z Tejas for dinner because I really wanted their pecan-crusted chicken salad. Over the course of the evening we had a heated debate about — wait for it– the serial comma.  That’s right, the comma that comes before the “and” in a list. We debated it. Don’t you wish you were as cool as we are?

Anywho, he’s reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves right now and is pro-serial comma, while I think it should only be used when necessary for clarity. Such as Hilary’s comment below: I’d like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and Jesus. This sentence is quite confusing without the comma. I support its use here.

But I won’t bore you with the details of our debate. Let it be known however, that I’m really glad I found someone who a) knows what a serial comma is and b) willingly — nay, eagerly — debated its use with me.

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This week, I’m carrying a lemon!

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I wrote a blog for World Magazine for a few years, as some of you know. World is a weekly Christian news magazine. The hard part about blogging for a magazine is that you always feel like you have to have A Point to every post, and include a Deep Thought. You can’t (or at least I never felt comfortable doing so) just write about what’s going on day-to-day. It’s one of the reasons I eventually stopped writing for them.

Anyway, one day I asked a question I thought was completely relevant and would garner lots of responses. After all, it had A Point, and besides, most World readers are strongly opinionated Christians, many of the evangelical persuasion.

I asked people to tell me why they believed what they believed, re: religion. And you know how many answers I got? Zero. I was quite surprised. I suppose the reason could be that no one felt like writing that day. But I think there’s something more. I think it’s a really hard question to answer. I would like anyone reading this to indulge me and tell me why you believe what you believe. Were you raised in a certain religion? Did you “convert” at some point in your life? Do you not believe in anything, or not know what you believe? Do you not know the answer to my question?

Whatever your answer is, I’d love to hear it. If you don’t know, please tell me that, too.

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