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Fun with cover bands

We went to Baby A’s tonight because the weather was really nice and I figured I could get a virgin daiquiri or something and feel like I was drinking. The band was covering a lot of oldies, which inspired a game called “If you had a (name of band) cover band, what would you name it?”

Some of our ideas:

Beatles: The Eggman (although this one is already taken); Rita and the Meter Maids (for an all-girl band)

Journey: The Streetlight People; The Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezins’ (we stole this from Scrubs)

Eric Clapton: I feel this band name should encompass some of the many bands EC was in. I.e.: Derek and the Yardbirds; Derek and the Creamy Yardbirds, etc.

Bob Seger: The Night Moves. Mason says the case is closed with this one.

Kenny Loggins: The Danger Zones

Tom Petty: The American Girls (another all-girl band)

Billy Joel: Just the Way We Are

The Band: The Cover Band (this might be my favorite)

Feel free to add your own. It’s a fun game. I promise.

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This week, my baby weighs as much as a large mango. This is at or slightly more than a pound. That is one giant mango.

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Happy day

Allow me to be unusually sappy for a minute. Here are several reasons why today was great.

  • Mason got to feel Ryan kick for the first time this morning. Awww.
  • It was 80 degrees out, and not humid.
  • We discovered, while cleaning the trash off the kitchen table, a coupon for a free iced mocha from the new It’s a Grind down the street. So we went, enjoyed a cool beverage, and read books for a while.
  • We took a walk around the neighborhood, to not waste the nice weather.
  • We grilled chicken and made potato salad to eat while watching the Superbowl. Thanks for the recipes, Bobby Flay.

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BBQ and baby gear

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. One of the things that stressed me out about writing for World was thinking I had to have something important to say all the time. Which is obviously not the case. Sometimes I just want to write about random stuff, and sometimes I only have something to say once a week. In today’s case, I’ll start with meat. Beef, specifically.

Every now and then Mason and I pick a hill country location that houses a famous Texas bbq joint and hit it up on a weekend. Those of you who are around me a lot know I eat a lot of vegetarian meals, but I could never be a full vegetarian because of my love for Texas bbq. This means smoked meat, mostly beef — not grilled meat. Today we visited City Market BBQ in Luling, about 60 miles down 183 from where we live.

The brisket was good, but the sausage was outstanding. It actually squirts when you bite into it. Oh, and there aren’t any forks. You eat your meat with your hands. This is not a problem once the meat gets a chance to cool off. They do have bbq sauce if you want it (many old-school Texas joints don’t) and spoons if you decide to eat beans. They only serve brisket, sausage, and ribs. We got some onion slices and two fat dill pickles on the side (they don’t have dill slices).

All in all it was totally worth the drive, although overall we both agreed that Cooper’s in Llano is better.

Anyway, on the way back we stopped at a baby store in south Austin and ordered a crib and dresser. This is the culmination of a week of making decisions about which baby gear to buy/register for. This is much more difficult than it sounds. Everyone has an opinion on what’s the “best” crib (pine or birch? convertible or not?),  car seat (infant-only or convertible? EPS  foam or not?),  stroller (snap-n-go or travel system?), etc. If you don’t know what most of these terms mean, count yourself lucky — it means you don’t have to worry about it for a while.

If you are curious (and how could you not be?! This stuff is fascinating to everyone, I’m sure), we ended up with this crib and a matching dresser. They’re made of birch. If I learned anything growing up with a father who ran hardware stores, it’s not to buy products made of pine if you want them to last any amount of time. If you don’t believe me, run your fingernail across the top of a pine dresser or crib. It’ll leave a mark. I just don’t see that working with a kid who’ll probably end up chewing on his crib. We also registered at Babies ‘R Us and Target. We decided that wedding registries are more fun, because you can just walk around picking out random items you like. With baby stuff, you kind of have to show up with a list.

Anyway, with the registry, crib/dresser, day care, and pediatrician decisions made, I’m feeling pretty good about this baby thing. Now I’m just getting impatient for June to get here.

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