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A note to commuters

To everyone who cuts in line on Braker between Mopac and 183 (especially during rush hour):

Do you remember kindergarten, when you learned to stand in a line? How that formed a basis for how you deal with most situations where a large group of people all want the same thing at the same time? I do. And every day as I drive home from work, I remember how to get in a line as I drive down Braker towards 183, because me and a bunch of other people all want to get on 183 and get home.

I’m sure you have important things to get home to. I’m sure you just spent a long day at work. Maybe you are hungry, or tired, or have to go to the bathroom. Maybe that’s how you justify zooming past a mile-long line of cars until you are 20 yards from 183, and then put your blinker on and nose your bumper into the line until someone lets you in.

Well, guess what? I just spent a long day at work too. And I’m eight months pregnant! So I’ll be you that I am hungrier, more tired, and have to pee worse than you do. And yet I get in line and wait the extra 5-10 minutes or so to get on the highway. Plus, I’ll bet there’s someone in line who’s nine months pregnant who feels worse than I do. Can you imagine how much it would suck if everyone decided not to get in line, as you have chosen to do? Would you walk into Texadelphia and cut in line to order your cheesesteak? No? Then why is it acceptable to do so on the road?

Here is my point. When you zoom up to the line of cars stacked on top of each other, put your blinker on and try to get in front of me, I have no shame in admitting that I will pretend I don’t notice your bumper inches from mine. In fact, this generally makes me move closer to the car in front of me, further reducing your chances of getting in line and therefore on the highway. If I’m in a particularly bad mood, I might look you in the eye as I ease up. I might even start dancing a little to the music on the radio, reminding you that I am not stressed out about needing to merge into an endless line of cars during rush hour. Because I waited in line. The sad part is, there may be a person out there with a real emergency, but I’m probably going to be bitchy to them too unless I can tell they have a real problem. I don’t want to be. But because you so frivolously choose to cut in line every day, I just assume everyone is like you.

So get in line, people. You learned this in kindergarten. Have a little patience. The world (or at least rush hour) will be more bearable because of it.

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This week, baby Ryan weighs as much as four navel oranges (3.3 pounds). I can tell he’s getting stronger. He likes to squinch his butt up against my left side.

BTW, I want to be the person who comes up with the produce comparisons. I think I’d get a kick out of it.

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New belly pic

Here’s me at my work shower Friday — this was at 30 weeks. Big difference between the earlier picture I posted.


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