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It is midnight and Ryan is asleep right now. This is worth blogging about as for the last two nights, he has decided that the hours of midnight to 3:30 a.m. are fun awake time/sad crying time. Which means I get to stay up with him and guess what’s wrong. Hungry? Dirty diaper? Ah, those are the easiest to remedy and therefore usually not the cause. I guess sometimes babies are just fussy.

ETA: Oh, how I spoke too soon. The little bugger woke up about thirty minutes after I wrote this. Mason took this shift though. 🙂

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Toys are fun!

Today Ryan discovered the joys of the activity gym. It’s hard to play with a newborn, as most of the time when they are awake they are crying or just staring at you, but he seemed to like batting at the toys on his gym. I’m telling myself he had fun.

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More pics

I’ve never taken this many pictures in this short amount of time in my life. Our little chunkster was supposed to be back at his birth weight of 6 lbs. 6 oz on Monday at his two-week doc appointment. Instead, he was up to 7 lbs 9 oz. Woo hoo!

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A few random thoughts

1. The baby blues are real. It is possible to miss being pregnant, giant ankles, nausea, and all.
2. Really good nursing bras are worth every penny. Austinites, check out Special Addition on 38th St. — it’s awesome and they help you fit your bra. Which is really important, seeing as your boobs get gigantic when your milk comes in. They also have really cute maternity clothes, although most of them are out of my price range.
3. Breastfeeding is really, really hard. It may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Which is odd seeing as it’s so “natural.”
4. The best laid plans often really do go awry. I’d planned for a drug-free childbirth and an exclusively breastfed kid from the get-go who was going to sleep in a bassinette once he got home. Instead I got an epidural at 3 cm, an infection leading to a NICU stay, a baby who was then given formula and pacifiers, and who prefers his bouncy chair to the bassinette. He’s exclusively breastfed now, but not without issues. You just go with it.
5. The first real drink after pregnancy is the most delicious thing ever.

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Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. This year we got the best present ever in our precious baby Ryan. Here are some pics so you too can revel in his cuteness (ok, the first two aren’t of him, but I still wanted to share).

This is me at 37 weeks — my last belly pic. I really thought I’d go late so I was planning to take one at 40 weeks.

Atticus doesn’t get as much love lately so I thought I’d put up a pic of him. This is as much action as the pack n’play got until last night, as Ryan refused to sleep in it till then.

Ryan in the NICU. Very sad, but they took good care of him and he’s ok now.

Ryan and Papaw Logerot, in the NICU.

Passed out on dad.

I mean really. He is truly the cutest baby ever.

See? So cute!

A rare moment awake, on the blanket from Trisha.

Still awake.

In the onesie from Andria, in the bouncy chair from Jen D. Thanks Jen — we wouldn’t have slept till last night without the chair.

Hugging Daddy.

Is it too early for tummy time? Maybe, but we tried anyway.

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Ryan is here!

Well, Ryan came two days early on June 2! Here are a few pics.

Just born

Me and Ryan

Sunday all day I was having fairly uncomfortable contractions. I tried to go to sleep around 11, but they were keeping me awake. I started timing them around 1:40 a.m. Sure enough, they were 5-6 min apart and HURT. I took my bp and it was 152/109, so really high (some of you know I’ve had blood pressure problems most of the pregnancy). I called the doctor and she said to head to the hospital.

So Mason and I finished packing our bag and got there around 4 am. At this point the contractions hurt so bad I wanted to puke with each one. The nurse was trying to ask me all these questions and I was pretty irritated with her b/c who can talk with pain like that? Anyway, she took my bp and it was still really high. On top of this, I had a slight fever. Because of all that, she told me I’d have to lay on my side the entire time I was in labor.

It was at this point I decided to get pain meds. If I could have moved around I think I could have gotten through it without them, but there was no way that was possible, being stuck in bed. They checked me and I was only 1 cm! I almost cried, b/c they wouldn’t give me an epidural till I was farther along. So I got some morphine, which didn’t help a ton but did take the edge off.

Luckily I progressed really quickly. In a couple of hours I was at 3 cm, and they gave me the epi then. Honest to God, getting that thing was the best decision ever. It relaxed me and I was able to keep progressing. By 4:40 I was complete and ready to push. He was born at 5:19 pm, 6 lbs, 6 oz, 22 inches long.

The only thing is that my fever kept going up during labor and spiked at 101. He also came out with some meconium (meaning he had a bowel movement in utero, indicating fetal distress). His Apgars were really good, but he also had a fever and was breathing really fast. They got his fever down quickly but since his breathing stayed rapid, they ended up putting him in the NICU, which is where he stayed until we were both discharged Wednesday. He and I both got a round of IV antibiotics, but they still don’t know what kind of infection I had. Having him in the NICU was difficult, but luckily he is fine now.

Anyway, must feed him now. I’ll post some pics of us at home soon.

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