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I joined Facebook

And already I like it much better than MySpace. Be my friend!

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Hurricane Ike

So, Hurricane Ike is making a beeline towards my hometown. This is especially annoying because my family just evacuated before Gustav and this one is predicted to hit much closer to them than Gustav did. Now, I’m no tree-hugging, Al-Gore-loving, global-warming-is-going-to-end-the-world-in-50-years hippie, but I find it odd that in my 18 years in southeast Texas, we only evacuated once because of a hurricane, and it was for Andrew in 1992, which ended up pummeling Lafayette, yet this will be at least the third or fourth evacuation of my hometown since I’ve been in college. I guess it’s all cyclical, but it’s a bigger cycle than I thought.

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That’s a margarita. Mmm. I just like this next pic. Ryan is laughing at my mom and her friend, who were in town (with the rest of my family) evacuating from Hurricane Gustav.

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More fun with HOAs

Many of you know I hate HOAs with the passion of a thousand suns. Well, Mason showed me this article and it just reinforces my feelings on them. The gist is that an HOA in Frisco is fining a guy for parking his new pickup on his driveway. Apparently pickups are too ghetto for this HOA. Hi, this is TEXAS. WTF? Why don’t they just ban residents wearing cowboy hats while they’re at it? And country music?

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