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Playing tag

Jen and Shelley both tagged me so I figure I better come up with seven random things about myself. I’m sure many of you have heard some of these before — there’s only so many games of Two Truths and a Lie (or Dubio, as they call it in Italian) that you can play before you run out of interesting stuff to say.

1. When I was a freshman in college I was walking down Speedway and this random guy stopped me to ask how tall I was (5’8″). Turns out he was recruiting women for UT’s NCAA rowing team (there’s a club team also). I made the team and stayed in it for a semester, until the 17 hours/week of practice started to take a toll on my grades and my sleep. I realized later that if I’d stuck it out one more semester, I’d be able to register for classes at the same time as the grad students for as long as I was rowing (UT peeps, you know this is a GOLDEN opportunity). And then I learned that if you letter in a sport at UT, you get lifetime tickets to any UT sporting event. Including football. My husband still resents me for that one.

2. My grandparents on my mom’s side speak Cajun French as their first language. They are both from deep south Louisiana. Unfortunately, when they were growing up it was embarassing to speak Cajun, so they learned English quickly and didn’t teach it to my mom and her sisters. I didn’t learn any of this until I was in college.

3. My dad’s side of the family is from Sicily. When I was in elementary school my dad taught me Sicilian curse words, which are HILARIOUS to a fifth-grader. When I was in college I decided to learn real Italian and was actually pretty fluent when I graduated. Sadly, I have no one to speak it with and can’t really carry a conversation anymore. 😦

4. I have lost 30 pounds since Ryan was 4 weeks old. And am still losing. I am smaller than before I was pregnant.

5. I was miserable at the end of maternity leave. Miserable. I was about to find a therapist and get some anti-depressants. He had bad reflux (which we didn’t figure out till a month later) and cried or nursed ALL DAY. There were days where all I ate until Mason came home was a granola bar and a banana because I couldn’t put him down long enough to eat or he’d scream. I only admit this now because once I told a few people, they came out of the closet about how maternity leave wasn’t a breeze for them either. I think moms shouldn’t be pressured to pretend everything is rosy.

6. I am an avid poster to two message boards (no, I won’t tell you which ones they are) and have “friends” on them. I never thought I’d be this involved in online communities. 🙂

7. Today a girl at work got snippy with me and I did not respond with equal snippiness like I wanted to. It took restraint. But hey, I’m a PR person at heart. Diplomacy = my friend.

Ok, I only know four other people who blog who haven’t already done this, so here are my tag-ees:

Lance (even though he hasn’t updated his blog since May :))

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Ryan loves Bevo already

Ryan loves this stuffed Bevo. It moos when you squeeze its belly, which immediately rules it out as a nighttime comfort object. I can just imagine him rolling over on it, it mooing, and him waking up because he got the crap scared out of him by it. No one wins in that situation.

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You aren’t seeing things — that is indeed three tvs. The one on the bottom doesn’t have sound — it went out a while ago, but we kept it around for the sole purpose of dragging it out during football season. The other small one is usually in our bedroom, which is next to the living room, so we just roll it in on Saturdays.

Good times.

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A few years back, Mason and I went to a beer festival. It was awesome. You paid a flat fee, got a 4 oz glass and chose 10 beers to taste as you wandered around one of Austin’s great parks on a May afternoon. After that wonderful day, the beer festival became legend — until today. Mason got wind that it had returned, so we hopped down to The Triangle to check it out. It was as great as we remembered. Ryan had a good time too, and you can see from the below photo that he wanted to have a little more fun than we’d allow at his age. Kindergarten? Maybe. But four months old — no.

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