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A clean bill of health

Just wanted to let you know that we took Ryan to the doctor yesterday and besides the cough he is going to have for a few weeks, he has been declared healthy enough to go back to daycare. Yay! Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

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Ryan was discharged late last night. He still has a lot of follow-up to go through, but the doctor in Port Arthur wanted us to be able to get home to our pediatrician as soon as possible. Thanks for all your prayers. Here are a few pics.


These are the signs on the door warning visitors of his contagiousness. You’d think he had Ebola.


Ryan under his oxygen tent. Yes, that’s his crib. It looks like a jail cell.


Playing with some of the toys he got for Christmas. See the clothespin holding his gown together? We had to use it because even though he was wearing the smallest gown they had, it was still too big.


Trying to eat Mimi’s hat. You can see the giant IV on his right hand here. They had to tape it up really well and put a little board under his wrist so he couldn’t bend it or pull it out. Did I mention that it took seven tries before they finally got an IV in him? And then that IV infiltrated his skin (so the fluid was going under his skin, not in his vein), so his arm started swelling and turning purple. It then took two more tries to get the IV in again. Did I mention that it took NINE tries to get the IV in my baby? Did I mention that?


Trying to eat Pawpaw’s face.

And finally, lest you think it was all bad:


My happy baby. And his double chin. 🙂

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Ryan had a chest x-ray at about 8 a.m., but we haven’t gotten the results yet. I think the hospital is short-staffed, and there’s only one pediatrician, who got called into a c-section a few hours ago and hasn’t gotten here yet. So even if she discharges Ryan tonight, we aren’t getting out until late. He is asleep now — we’ve tried to make his bedtime routine as much like home as possible, although it’s hard since he has an IV attached to his hand and he’s in a little hospital gown (baby hospital gowns = saddest thing ever, btw).

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned since being here.

1. The tvs in the room randomly change channel at random intervals of time. One of them goes to the local NBC affiliate, and one goes to QVC. We thought we were good when a football game we wanted to watch was on the local NBC station. However, the TV ghost foiled us again and started randomly changing to channel 22. The nurses have no idea what’s going on — these tvs are new, as the old ones were damaged during Hurricane Ike, so no one knows much about them yet.

2. Apparently no one within the reach of the hospital breastfeeds. The nurses are storing my milk in a plastic bag in their staff fridge. The other day I went to put some milk in the fridge and one of them said “Oh, you’re the one breastfeeding!” Here’s a conversation I had with another nurse (I am not making any of this up):

Me: Can you hand me a couple of bottles of milk?
Nurse: Sure. (pulls milk out of fridge. It has separated, so the cream is on top) Wow — look at it! Is that cream? It looks like when we used to get our Borden milk delivered (that was a looong time ago) and it was whole milk and the cream would separate. How about that?
Me: Ok. (nervous laughter)

A little while later, I went to hand her a couple of bottles of milk to put in the fridge. They had been sitting on ice in our room for a while and were cold.

Nurse: Oh, it’s cold. You didn’t just pump this, right?
Me: No, it’s warm when it’s first pumped.
Nurse: Oh, how about that? You learn something new every day!

Ok, I understand that lots of people don’t breastfeed. But if you are a nurse, wouldn’t you know at least something about breastmilk? Anyway, her fascination was kind of comical.

More updates to come…

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Well, Ryan’s first Christmas wasn’t exactly stellar. We ended up in the ER all night and he is currently in the hospital in Port Arthur with RSV and pneumonia. Poor little guy. He has to sit under an oxygen tent at all times. It rolls around the room on a big rack, so we brought a bunch of toys and his exersaucer, and we set it up over him so he can still play and not be stuck in his crib all day. Since RSV is highly contagious, the nurses all wear masks and gloves when they come in the room and there are two big signs on the door warning visitors of how disease-ridden our room is. Which is probably a good thing, as both Mason and I now have RSV too.

The one bright spot in all this is that since it happened here and not back in Austin, we have family here to help. The doctor is going to do another chest x-ray tomorrow, so please pray for it to be clear so he will be discharged. I’ll keep you updated.

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We started giving Ryan oatmeal in addition to his milk earlier this week. The way his daycare has been hounding me about starting him on solids, you’d think he was just withering away.

Anyway, I made a big batch of oatmeal by grinding some oats in a blender and then cooking them with water and breastmilk. Ryan LOVED it. Once he figured out what the spoon was for, he opened his mouth every time I scooped up some oatmeal. Several times, he grabbed the bowl and tried to go face-first into the oatmeal. Sadly, I have no pictures of that, but I do have pics of other parts of the process.




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Moms (or pregnant ladies), go to this site to win a free Ergo. I hear it’s far more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn (which I don’t find to be really comfortable now that Ryan is older). You just have to fill out one question.

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TWICE in two days, two separate old ladies told Mason and I that Ryan is “too pretty to be a boy” when we were out and about this weekend. Ok. I’m sure they meant it as a compliment, but it still got my hackles up. No one likes to be told that their son looks like a girl. If that’s what they meant. And I’m not sure what they meant because WHO SAYS THAT besides old ladies? I obviously do not think like a grandma.

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