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I love Salma Hayek

She’s hot, she’s funny, I’m loving her part on 30 Rock. And then there’s this. She breastfed a starving baby while she was in Sierra Leone (she is still nursing her 18-month-old). Love her.

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The postcard is from the Texas Department of Public Safety, informing me that a “high-risk sex offender” has moved into my neighborhood. He lives on one of the streets I go walking on. Naturally, I wanted to know what exactly they mean by “high-risk.” Found this on the DPS site:

“Level three (high): indicates that the person poses a serious danger to the community and will continue to engage in criminal sexual conduct.”

So let me ask you, Texas Justice Department. Why in God’s name is a person who poses a serious danger to the community and who you think will continue to engage in criminal sexual conduct being allowed to run free in my nice, quiet neighborhood? When someone is up for parole, isn’t this part of the evaluating criteria? I honestly don’t know and if someone more knowledgeable than me can answer, I would appreciate it.

For now, I guess I’m not going to be walking by myself anymore.

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I have been a lame blogger lately. Sorry for slacking. To make up for it, I give you a series of super cute pictures of my darling eight-month-old (can you believe he is eight months old??)

To give you some context to the first few pictures, Mason and I decided we were too sloth-like and purchased bikes from Craigslist. Seeing as Ryan can’t babysit himself yet, we got him his own helmet and a bike trailer to tow him behind us. He’s not a huge fan of the helmet or trailer, but we’re getting there.


Trying on the helmet. Not sure what is happening.


The whole shebang. Not a fan. We did secure him better, by the way. Once we got to the park, he perked up quite a bit.





And now for a few firsts.


First mohawk.


First time standing while holding on to something.


First bath without the infant tub.


This isn’t a first, I just think it’s funny that he is surrounded by toys but is playing with the diaper box instead.


I just like this picture. 🙂

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