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He crawls!

Today Ryan crawled more than a couple of steps for the first time. It was quite exciting. And sad, because it means he might be losing his baby chub soon. BUT, I will focus on the exciting part. Good thing we babyproofed! You can view the cuteness here.

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What brings me back after a few weeks of not blogging? This blog! High on my list of punctuation pet peeves is this exact phenomenon: randomly inserting quotation marks into phrases for seemingly no reason.

Here’s one of my favorite entries. Read the small print above the “In Case of Emergency” instructions.

In case your glasses aren’t working, it says: “Alarm looks like” —- strobe (flashing light)   “Alarm sounds like” —- whoop, whoop. One wonders if Arsenio Hall’s voice is the alarm.

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A few random things

Saddest headline ever: “Madea” tops Jonas Brothers at Box Office What is the world coming to?

I need to decorate my house so it doesn’t look like a bachelor pad. Anyone have any resources for ideas? Oh, and I’m cheap, so that’s a factor.

Against my better judgement, I really like that Taylor Swift song “Love Story.”

I’m ready for the cold snap to move on so I can plant my garden. I’m keeping it low-key this year but will have tomatoes (probably cherry and some heirloom type), cucumbers, and jalapenos.

Ryan has started clapping. It’s really cute. He also laughs like crazy when you stomp down the stairs while holding him. I got a video of it that I’ll post soon.

I saw my friend’s newborn this weekend and couldn’t believe how tiny she was, and she is a pound bigger than Ryan was when he was born. I do not remember him being that small. Ever.

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