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Ryan recently learned that if he splashes really hard in the bathtub, he can get everything within a 10-foot radius soaking wet. He really enjoys this. This is him mid-splash.


And if you want to see him in action, here’s a short video I took.

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First Mother’s Day

I told Mason that I’m really glad we’ve always made sure to give our moms gifts on Mother’s Day, because I realize now that they’ve done a lot more to deserve gifts then than on birthdays or any other holiday. My first Mother’s Day was great. We had brunch at Chez Zee (creme brulee French toast, holla), and “Ryan” got me the new Neko Case CD. Good times.


He just does not get the flash yet. One day.


I love this picture. Both of my boys, looking so happy.

I hope all my fellow moms out there had an amazing day.

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