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NFR: Summer Fun

NFR means “not food-related.” I’ll try to tag posts as such from here on out, so that those of you who are just here for the food can tune out. I do mention a watermelon later on, but that probably doesn’t qualify this post as food-related. Anyway, here are some fun pics of our summer so far. The first few are from when Mason went out to do some watering in the front yard last weekend. Ryan just assumes that when a water source is near, he has free reign to get wet. No matter what he is wearing. Observe:

Which brings us to this weekend, where I’m hanging out back in Groves, TX, my hometown. Dad and I spotted an alligator pool (you’ll see what I mean in a minute) at Walmart yesterday and thought Ryan might enjoy it. He got it all set up and Ryan and I came out to see it. One minute, Dad and I are discussing how to anchor the slides so that they didn’t float. The next minute, Ryan is diving headfirst into the pool, fully clothed:

He enjoyed that a lot more than is evident here. The pool has pictures of alligators on it and has two slides, one for getting into the water and one for getting out. Anyway, at this point I just stripped him down, put on a swim diaper and, since I’d forgotten his bathing suit at home, put his shorts back on. He proceeded to continue to go headfirst into the pool.

The shorts didn’t last long, though. Kind of soggy, you know? Ryan doesn’t mind being pants-less anyway. Really, what boy does? He just continued to throw his balls in and out of the pool and jump around.

Watermelon break!

Swimming makes you tired.

Maddie even had her own pool.

ETA: Maddie and I are usually on good terms, but today she got on my shit list because she decided that instead of being a docile, harmless pug, she was actually a vicious guard animal and proceeded to bark loudly and rapidly when my 80-year-old grandpa rang the doorbell at 2:30 in the afternoon, waking Ryan from his nap and abruptly ending my writing of this post. Grr. She’s cute though, so I guess I’ll forgive her.

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A sequence of events

This happened:

So I said “We don’t throw balls in Mommy’s garden, remember?”

Two minutes later, this happened:



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