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Lost watchers

Tonight is the Lost season finale. Mason sent me this article from Slate. It’s not every day you find an article about a hit tv show that also discusses postcolonial theory, but Slate manages to pull it off. Good stuff.

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Today the baby weighs as much as a small watermelon. As we are a week out, I realized I can stop giving a date when people ask when I’m due and just say “next Wednesday.” That’s weird.

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I read a few pregnancy message boards and sometimes I just laugh at the things people worry about. Which is kind of mean, I know, but come on people. The following is a list of things I’ve seen people ask and/or freak out about — I am not making any of this up. And for any pregnant women reading, THEY WILL NOT HARM YOUR UNBORN CHILD.

  • tight clothing (this might be my favorite)
  • riding in a boat over choppy water (this girl FREAKED and wanted to go to the hospital afterwards) (Note: the bumps will not harm your baby. Flying out of the boat might, but that’s a different story.)
  • loud noises at the movies
  • loud noises at concerts
  • making copies at a copy machine
  • microwaving food
  • swimming in a pool (there were concerns about the chlorine. I think I’d be more concerned if there wasn’t chlorine)
  • Pedicures
  • Frozen yogurt (huh?)

EDIT: I just read this one and it’s awesome. Someone wondered if using a vibrator in late pregnancy would cause shaken baby syndrome. Because the baby’s head is down in the pelvis at that point, duh. Where do people come up with this stuff?

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Last night David Cook won American Idol. David Archuleta was the favorite and the judges were falling over themselves with praise Tuesday night. I’ve said before that I thought the world was in on some secret without me regarding his popularity and that I just didn’t get why he was so popular. He belongs on a cruise ship.

Anywho, when Cook won I was relieved that the American public had voted for him over the pipsqueak. Here he is covering “Hello” and “Billie Jean” if you need to be convinced of his greatness.

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This week, the baby is as long as a leek.

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Latest update

Tomorrow we will be two weeks from my due date. At yesterday’s doctor appointment I was instructed to stop going into work, as I’ve had moderately high blood pressure this whole time and recently have had a lot of swelling in my legs/feet that won’t go down. The doctor wants me to lay on my side several times a day as this will help the swelling.

I didn’t want to start my leave yet because I’m dilated/effaced at all and will probably not have the baby before my due date (at least without help; she mentioned inducing between 39-40 weeks if the BP goes up), so we negotiated and she’s letting me work from home. This means from my couch, since my feet have to stay elevated all the time. You don’t realize how much you need to vacuum your couch until you sit in it all day.

Anyway, I can already tell that my feet aren’t as swollen (this morning I could see my ankles!), so I’m glad to report the work-from-my-couch plan is working so far. I’ll update when I know if they are going to induce or not (pray not, I really don’t want to be induced).

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Pet peeves

In no particular order:

1. The word “coin” as uttered by the girl narrating the KFC snackers commercial, i.e.: “Big taste, small coin.” It sounds as ridiculous as if I said it.

2. People who walk down a hallway with their head turned around, talking to someone behind them, therefore increasing by 100x the odds that they will crash into me even when I try to dodge them.  The odds increase significantly when they do this while turning a corner.

3. People who write “you’re” when they mean “your.”

4. People who write “your” when they mean “you’re.”

5. When my cat howls at me to feed him and heads toward his bowl, but stays right under my feet as I’m trying to walk to his bowl, therefore increasing by 100x the odds that I will trip over him.

Can you tell I’m 9 months pregnant? 🙂

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