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For some reason, I thought I would be exempt from the whole “toddlers don’t eat” thing. Maybe it’s because the first time we gave Ryan solid food (oatmeal) he grabbed the bowl and tried to stick his face in it. Anyway, after a while (around 11 months) he started trying to grab the spoon when I tried to feed him, and we moved to finger foods then.

Now, he is the pickiest of picky eaters. Is it a bland color? He won’t touch it! This rules out mozzarella, rice, etc. Is it a funny shape? I.e., not a bean, pea, piece of macaroni pasta, etc.? Then it’s gross! You get the picture. The latest fun thing Ryan does is put food in his mouth, then make a disgusted face, pull it out of his mouth, and hand it back to me. Oh yes. Welcome to toddlerhood!

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Ryan walks!

Ok, he’s been walking for a few weeks now, but apparently my videography skills are just as lacking as my photography skills (I was trying to get a really good video and did not succeed). Anyway, this is the best I can do. Still pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

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I had to go get cat food at the vet yesterday and was in a hurry because I had to pick up Ryan from daycare. So I grab a giant bag of cat food, haul it to the front desk, and am waiting for one of the sloth-like vet workers to check me out when this guy starts talking to me. Now, I have a general mistrust of strange dudes who try to strike up conversations with me, especially when they are extra friendly and when I’m by myself.

So he keeps trying to talk to me. I’m being distantly polite but not trying to keep the conversation going. He says “I’m here to pick up my cat.” I said “Oh, ok” or something similarly noncommittal. Just then, someone decides to finally check me out so I stop talking to him.

Well, someone else starts to check him out too. They bring over this gift bag (weird, right?) and he says “Here’s my cat.” I was confused and thought he was joking.

Then he pulled an URN out of the bag and walked out. It was his cat’s ASHES. Wow, I felt like a jerk. Probably not enough to keep me from ignoring strangers who ring my doorbell when I’m home alone, but still.

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